The girl who spotted me


When I'm browsing for a nice reflection in a shopping window it must look strange for the people around me because once a spot a nice reflection, I always back-up slowly to check if the reflection is nice. There are a few parameters involved in getting the best result. A lot of sunshine is not always the way to go because it'll make my aperture go up resulting in a dark window and darkening he cool stuff they have on display, thus effectively killing the nice bokeh and color schemes I'm looking for. Second of all, and this is going to be a real problem in the near future, double glazed windows (Good for the climate but not very helpful for my images). It reveals the reflection to the viewer and although sometimes it can give a great effect I usually disregard it. Third....wash your freakin' window haha, cause the shinier they are, the better the result! 

As I'm looking for the best shot people must regard me as a broken down yoga instructor in need for help to get the best possible angle for the image. Thus, after observing me, they also tend to look what it is that got my interest by pointing the camera towards the shopping window. 

As I was framing this shot at the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam, this girl with her mother passed by. Curious as she is she glimpsed back, to check out what I'm doing, directly into my lens. As always I only noticed it at home while processing the shots of the day, similar to the old days when you had to wait until your 35mmmfilm was developed by the local photostore.