Tattoo Peter


"Tattoo Peter" Last Wednesday, I read a newspaper article in De Telegraaf, a Dutch daily newspaper from Amsterdam. It was a small article about the possible closing of the oldest tattoo parlor in the Netherlands. High costs, disappointing income, renewal of the Redlightdistrict (kicking out tourist shops and sexworkers) and Corona threaten the future of this small Amsterdam tattoo parlor called Tattoo Peter, founded in 1955 by the stepfather of the current owner Eddy. Amsterdam is changing rapidly and would like to get rid of its reputation as a drug and prostitution amusement park, I'm a big fan but unfortunately we also occasionally lose some beautiful historical pearls which belong to the city's identity, such as this small parlor in the city center. 

I have been living in Amsterdam for more than two decades now, but had never been to this narrow street, Nieuwebrugsteeg 28, where the little parlor was located. For me a great opportunity, on this sunny Wednesday in March, to see if there might also be a nice reflection to immortalize the shop in an artistic way. I was very happy with the old man passing by wearing a yellow jacket, which complimented the shop windows colorscheme very nicely. Colorschemes are my favorite part of a picture, composition and focus come second to me. So when visiting Amsterdam, do walk thru this little murkey alley, it's a must to experience the oldest Tattoo shop of the Netherlands and while your there, get a tattoo and help the owner to a bright and secure future!