Nightmare Alley


In the murky dark caverns of this alley I ran into this guy who was casually smoking a joint between the Damrak and the Nieuwendijk. An alley called Herring pakkers alley (Haringpakkerssteeg). A dark and narrow 'forgotten' alley in the center of Amsterdam between the two most popular tourist streets, Damrak and the Nieuwendijk, which is an offshoot of the Kalverstraat. In any case, I was very happy that he paused to light a joint and enjoy it so that I had plenty of time for the subject in addition to the composition. 

And speaking of subjects, a dirty alley and a pothead always go well together in our capital of the Netherlands. This image also made me think of a brilliant movie I saw just recently, Nightmare Alley, which is in theaters right now. Beautifully made by Guillermo del Toro!