"Looking Up" work in progress


"Looking up" is one of my favorite images I made on Sunday the 9th of January this year. I was going for a stroll with a friend and fellow photographer, Stella Gommans, we stumbled upon this cute little corner store in the Jordaan, called the mouse theatre. www.hetmuizenhuis.nl Check it out it's an adorable shop. Because of how it's situated in combination with it's beautiful made shopping window, it was the perfect place to create some cool content. I also shot the photograph 'The kid passing the mouse theatre the same day. Check it out under reflections.

The mouse theatre is a corner store, the glass entrance was also situated in the corner, so the reflection was opposite of Margo's deli plus, as a bonus, I could also see people passing by as I was shooting window to window at a 45 degree angle. Luck is always the main theme of my pictures, so I was very lucky with the girl across the street, who just ordered a snack, paused to eat it in front of the deli. The result? A great reflection of her in combination with a glimpse of pedestrians in the street.

All my images are as shot! It's my goal to always give it an 'art like' feel to it but I never compose multiple images. That's what makes the photographes so much fun to shoot. I never really exactly know what I created until I'm home again and start the color correction. It's so much fun to do and very, very addictive. It's like bounty hunting!