How it all started


I've always taken an interest in photography. In fact. My first real job ever was as a photostore employee in the early ninetees. It was a 'one hour photo shop', where I developed and printed the filmrolls (12/24/36 images) for our customers. During these times I made a lot of photographes too, because of the discount I got. Shooting film was an expensive hobby these days.

I loved taking pictures and this has been the case during my whole career. My next job was at television and in a few years I became a director. In 2010 I changed my profession again and started as a graphic designer untill 2021. Like I always say. Life has many dimensions, so we keep re-inventing ourselfes. So when misfortune struck in 2021, I also had to re-invent myself.   

Revalidation was the next step so I needed to pick myself up and go to the gym, but in all fairness, my relation with the gym has never really been a great one. So I decided to go for a walk instead to strengthen my body. That's where the camera came in. If I was gonna walk, I needed a goal. So I took my camera with me and travelled into the city centre by tram. Go for a walk in the direction of the next stop, take pictures and then go back with the tram.

 When I came home I examined the pictures, none but one captivated me. The canals, old buildings, bridges, citysquares, same old, same old. But the photograph of the boy passing a poster at the Melkweg, Leidscheplein got my interest. So I decided to go with this style. Chasing reflections. On my Instagram you can still see how I tried different reflections, but more recently they've start to become more in line. A new style was born. I wonder what they will look like in a year, cause just like's always changing and evolving!