Hard Candy


This image is one of my favorite ones I took last Wednesday, March 2nd, during my walk in the old heart of Amsterdam, near the Redlightdistrict. As I was walking along the Nieuwe hoogstraat I noticed this cute little candystore, called "Candy Freaks". It's slogan on the window stated "The best freaking Candy, Popcorn and Chocolate in town" and by looking at their store situated in an old Amsterdam building, my guess is that it's true! 

I set up my Olympus omd em10 markII with my Olympus 12-100mm f4 pro lens and waited for several people to cast their reflection in the shopping window and took some pictures.

When I arrived at home I uploaded my images into my Mac and started to select them. As I said before, I never really know what I get until they are 'developed', like in the old days when you had to go to the photostore and wait for your 35mm film to transfer into some nice pictures, I was happy to see that I had captured a great reflection of the lollipop bag right in front of this guy's glasses! Yes, indeed a lucky shot, because I do control the composition, but not my subjects so I was very, very happy with the end result.