It's fascinating to see the variety of pedestrians passing by the shopping windows whenever I'm on route to find some great reflections. In my earlier posts on Instagram I showed you the couple smoking and chatting away (peace), Two guys who were off to score some weed in a coffee shop (Homeboyz), followed by a girl on a Vespa scooter, Ciao (Ciao Italia). 

All images were taken in the ninestreets district in Amsterdam. And just when I decided to get on with my walk I saw this elderly couple walking towards me on the sidewalk. I directed my Olympusomdem10markii with my Olympus12100mmf4pro lens towards the glass hoping that gramps would take a look in the glass as he passed by and he did!

Luck is always a big factor in my images, hoping that the people will create a nice shot by looking in the window and that they are interesting enough in the shot. With 'gramps' I was so lucky because I captured him wearing his yellow hat, crossing the yellow bokeh created by the goods in the store window. His wife walked a little bit ahead, showing only her grey hat in the left corner. It would have been absolutely awesome if I could have captured them both, but that's the fun of my street photography. There's always someone passing by, so no time to relax and check the picture cause the next person is already on it's way and I don't wanna miss the moment! 

So, I never really know what I got until I'm home behind my mac uploading my pictures. Therefor, I still have the same suspensful sensation of the old days when you had to wait until your filmroll was developed. Those days you got 36 images at best, these days I usually end up with around 150 images. If it's a good day I might have 4 or 5 great ones! Spiffyimage is, since this week, also on facebook. Expand your universe, exploration of space! Have a nice weekend, cheers Spiffy!