Blond ambition


"Blond ambition" One of my favorite spots to find some interesting bounty is at the vijzelstraat, Amsterdam on the corner of the Reguliersdwarsstraat. Here you have the awesome shopping window of the Aurorakontakt light and electrical appliances store. It's filled with magnificent lightbulbs, neon and lamps. 

With the correct lighting of the street, preferably not to dark and cloudy outside, nor to sunny, the window will give a nice reflection of the pedestrians passing by on the street in front of it. One of my most beloved images "couple ready to go to the cinema' in an earlier post on Instagram was also made from this position, but directed in the opposite direction towards the #pathedemunt cinema. It's still available in my feed but without the graphic design I'm using now when posting on Instagram. This image was also taken with my Olympus omd em 10mark II using the Olympus12-100mm f4 pro lens which, obviously, is my favorite lens to use, not in the least because it was my only lens till his week.

 Now I've also got the Olympus 60mm macro in my collection, but this one is purely for toying around with macro photography which I display on my private Instagram account @aschwinrinsma. 

At the moment of taking this picture this woman passed by and even though she was probably thinking what groceries to get that day, she peaked in the window directly into my camera lens with a sort of arrogant look in her eyes, which I think makes the picture very interesting! Happy Monday everyone, cheers Spiffy.