Tattoo Peter


"Tattoo Peter" Last Wednesday, I read a newspaper article in De Telegraaf, a Dutch daily newspaper from Amsterdam. It was a small article about the possible closing of the oldest tattoo parlor in the Netherlands. High costs, disappointing income, renewal of the Redlightdistrict (kicking out tourist shops and sexworkers) and Corona threaten the...

In the murky dark caverns of this alley I ran into this guy who was casually smoking a joint between the Damrak and the Nieuwendijk. An alley called Herring pakkers alley (Haringpakkerssteeg). A dark and narrow 'forgotten' alley in the center of Amsterdam between the two most popular tourist streets, Damrak and the Nieuwendijk, which is an offshoot...

Hard Candy


This image is one of my favorite ones I took last Wednesday, March 2nd, during my walk in the old heart of Amsterdam, near the Redlightdistrict. As I was walking along the Nieuwe hoogstraat I noticed this cute little candystore, called "Candy Freaks". It's slogan on the window stated "The best freaking Candy, Popcorn and Chocolate in town"...

When I'm browsing for a nice reflection in a shopping window it must look strange for the people around me because once a spot a nice reflection, I always back-up slowly to check if the reflection is nice. There are a few parameters involved in getting the best result. A lot of sunshine is not always the way to...

The last stand


"The last stand" Walking along the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam I encountered a great reflection if these two guys passing each other on the sidewalk which made me think of that awesome scene from Once upon a time in the West: view this scene.

Blond ambition


"Blond ambition" One of my favorite spots to find some interesting bounty is at the vijzelstraat, Amsterdam on the corner of the Reguliersdwarsstraat. Here you have the awesome shopping window of the Aurorakontakt light and electrical appliances store. It's filled with magnificent lightbulbs, neon and lamps.



It's fascinating to see the variety of pedestrians passing by the shopping windows whenever I'm on route to find some great reflections. In my earlier posts on Instagram I showed you the couple smoking and chatting away (peace), Two guys who were off to score some weed in a coffee shop (Homeboyz), followed by a girl on a Vespa...

Ciao Italia


"Ciao Italia" My first moped was a Puch! It was either a Puch, Thomos, Zundapp or a Kreidler in the eighties in Holland. But I loved the Italian Vespa scooters. Those days they were very rare and expensive! Nowadays they're almost everywhere around us. Hopefully giving the Dutch some beautiful Italian temperament.



These two dudes are very funny. The've been walking nervously up and down the street in de negenstraatjes in Amsterdam citycentre and finally entered a coffeeshop. As I took the picture a rangerover passed by in the narrow street which made me think of the gangster spree we had in december 2012 between two rival drug syndicates, known as the ...

Portrait mode


When I shoot street photography it's usually in landscape mode. Working as a director with video, it became so natural to me that I almost never tilt the camera for portrait mode, not even when I use my iPhone to take some pictures. So when I picked up my old hobby everything was in landscape mode.